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Best Way to Get Rid of Cellulite

All Truth About Cellulite

Treatments That Eliminate Cellulite – Truth About Cellulite

A major reduction of cellulite start seeing a doctor or dermatologist aesthetic medicine. Before a doctor will decide on the method of treating the skin will look and ask you about eating habits.

Cellulite Treatments

Determine the severity of cellulite ultrasound, preferably made using a special probe investigating the state of the subcutaneous tissue. Then your doctor will prescribe treatment, first in the doctor's office, and later in the cosmetic. Besides this you can opt for Truth about Cellulite by Joey Atlas. The program helps you get relevant information extremely effective to treat cellulite. The Joey Atlas SYMULAST method is known worldwide and you can also try it, if you are interested. Here are the most commonly performed procedures:

Mesotherapy - in places of cellulite doctor injects substances that improve blood circulation (e.g. a rut, artichoke extract) or accelerate the burning of fat (e.g. caffeine, carnitine with procaine). First, a 4 weekly treatments each, then two, four weeks apart.

Carbosyntheraphy - by means of a special device, the doctor inserts under the skin of carbon dioxide. The treatment accelerates fat burning and improves metabolism. It carries an average of two times a week for 6-8 weeks.

Cellulipoliza - It puts a needle into the fatty tissue of two thin needle, and then passed between the current of a low frequency. Under the influence of the vessel they expand, and increases blood flow and metabolism. As a result, the cells are removed considerably faster toxin. The best submit to 6 treatments at weekly intervals.

Endermologie - beautician performs a massage roller head. In the space between them is formed to change the pressure and vacuum. The head sucks the skin and in this way it rubs. Endermologie improves venous and lymphatic circulation and strengthens collagen and elastin fibers. It should make at least 12 treatments, beginning 2-3 weeks, then once a week. Price: 100-200 zł Ultrasound Treatment involves moving the skin probe emitting ultrasound. It is a method for cosmetic support - use ultrasonic anti-cellulite cosmetics reach deeper. Usually we recommend a series of 4-6 treatments.

Lymphatic drainage - a special manual massage or carried out using various devices. Promotes blood and lymph circulation, facilitates drainage of water from the tissues. The cycle includes 10-20 lymphatic drainage treatment repeated at least two times a week.

Body wrap - beautician lubricates the skin, stimulating circulation preparations, client wraps in foil and covered with an electric blanket. The treatment removes swelling and accelerates fat burning. You need to do 6-10 treatments.

Body mix - for surgery beautician uses a device that combines a laser therapeutic bio-stimulating massage pressure devices, cryotherapy and photo stimulation. Laser aids circulation and perfectly improves metabolism in the cells, Massage breaks down fat cells, and cryotherapy and fotostymulacja help burn fat, and eliminate swelling. Top perform a series of 10 treatments.

Cellulite treatments done at home

Remember that the same study room care is not enough. Very important are also regularly performed treatments at home. When you take a shower, change the water from hot to cold, because it stimulates circulation. When washing do massage in circular motions with a sponge or a special glove. Follow up from the feet to the waist.

During each use of the shower gel or twice a week, make a traditional scrub. In this way, you get rid of the horny layer of the epidermis, and thus the skin will better absorb substances contained in cosmetics. Twice a day for a few minutes vigorously rub her anti-cellulite cream. You can at the same pinch and knead places affected by orange peel, because it will stimulate blood circulation.

Anti-cellulite creams contain substances that accelerate the burning of fat (e.g. Theophylline, carnitine and caffeine), strengthening the walls of blood components (arnica, routine, Asian) or improve circulation (Japanese ginkgo, ivy). You have a choice - in pharmacies and drugstores find anti-cellulite formulations in various forms and prices. To increase the effectiveness of their actions, cosmetic companies have introduced all-cellulite treatments consisting of several products, e.g. an intensive serum, gel, wash and lotion.


At the start of the post, we made a little introduction about Truth about Cellulite book. Despite of the popularity of the program, still there are some people who assume to think negatively about the program just because of its price. For this reason, you can check out reviews about truth about cellulite scam to find out if it is scam of legit. If you have any questions about removing cellulite naturally, you can provide your feedback here.